Want to Support First Responders? Use a Cotton Coronavirus Face Mask

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Want to Support First Responders? Use a Cotton Coronavirus Face Mask

 With the CDC recommending that everyone wear face coverings in public, there have been a lot of questions. If you’re like most people, you simply want to know what your best options are for a coronavirus face mask. Where can you get a mask? Should you make your own pleat face mask? Or can you just use a regular old handkerchief? Since it’s so important to save surgical masks and N95 respirators for healthcare workers and first responders, most fashion-minded people are finding themselves on the hunt for their own stylish face mask.

There is no doubt that there is a shortage of personal protective equipment, or PPE, including gloves, gowns, and masks. Of course, this means that any medical grade face coverings should be prioritized for healthcare workers and sick patients, but it also means that you get to start thinking about how to make a style statement when you do have to go out in public. Not only are medical grade masks best left to the medical professionals, they can be uncomfortable and, let’s face it, not very elegant. They don’t leave much room for fun, individuality, or any of the things that keep us going through these difficult times. This is where a custom, professionally made, cotton coronavirus face mask could be the solution.

Covering your face when you go out in public can help slow the spread of COVID-19 by blocking airborne droplets. In order for a face covering to be effective while being used again and again, it must be washable and durable. It’s possible that the first thing that immediately comes to mind is a handkerchief or a scarf. Everyone seems to have one or two of them lying around and, thanks to movies about cowboys and bank heists, they might seem like a good option. However, it’s pretty difficult to get a handkerchief or bandana tied correctly without leaving any open spaces on the side or at the bottom. Without a tight seal, your face covering could end up being less effective.

On the positive side, the mask recommendation has given us all a chance to be creative and show off the things that make us unique. Some people have even pulled out their sewing machine and started using old t-shirts and other clothes to make DIY pleat face masks. Unfortunately though, not everyone has the skill and crafting ability to be able to make their own face coverings from scratch.


The custom cotton mask from DesignMySwag.com is a washable, stylish face mask that can be emblazoned with your own logo, pattern, or design. It’s ideal for those of us who want to express our individuality and show off our creative side, while making sure that we leave enough N95 and surgical masks for the first responders who need them the most.