Using Colored Bracelets to Signal Safety

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Using Colored Bracelets to Signal Safety

With many businesses and states beginning to lighten up on social distancing measures, there is still uncertainty on how we can remain safe and distant while enjoying aspects of our regular lives. Enter the newest trend regarding safety taking the internet by storm- social distancing wristbands.

These bracelets come in green, yellow and red, indicating your comfort level with social distancing. Made of silicone, these lightweight wristbands come in a pack of 12 and are perfect for anyone looking to distinguish how they are feeling towards social distancing. Perfect for essential workers, offices, and everyday life, you will be able to easily show how comfortable you are with social distancing without having to say anything.

            Similar to a stoplight, the three colors offered can represent how close you want to get to others when in public. Those who choose green bracelets are fine with close contact. This can mean a handshake, a hug, or a close conversation. Wearing a green bracelet shows you are not concerned regarding social distancing and welcome close and friendly gestures. Yellow bracelets are exerting caution. You would prefer to maintain some sort of distance, though it does not have to be 6 feet. Physical contact like hugs are out of the question, however fist bumps and elbow touches are perfectly acceptable. Red signifies you are maintaining strict social distancing. You will be maintaining 6 feet minimum distance, and physical touch is out. If you’d prefer a wave over a handshake, this is for you.

With restrictive measures easing up and states beginning to allow businesses to reopen, we can have a sense of normalcy back while still exercising caution. The conversation about how you feel about close distance and touch can be uncomfortable to have. Offices and businesses now have the opportunity to allow their employees to discreetly disclose their comfort levels at work. This would benefit in the future of meetings, conventions, and regular office life. They have also been spotted at essential businesses, restaurants, and places of worship and very easy to slip on and off.

            Whether for work or personal use, you can purchase these bands in a pack of 12 for only $19.99. The color options include all green, all yellow, all red, or 4 of each color if you’re looking to share with friends or family. You can pick up your own set of social distance wristbands from Design My Swag which offers free shipping and has the option for bulk orders for large offices or groups and Intoxicated Aliens which offers free shipping when you spend $50.

            Not only are these bracelets a great way to let people know how comfortable you are with social distancing, but they also have a huge potential for once the pandemic is over. Usage at places of worship and large conventions would easily allow others to see your comfort level regarding physical greetings. This could become the new normal for large events and may change the future of engaging in public forever.